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We are still changing: A GRU Update

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Feb 19


Hello all!

Thanks for visiting us at Game Reviews Unlimited! For those of you who don’t know, we posted an article earlier this year explaining changes we were making to the site. We have already started making changes in just the past month and we are excited to announce them here!

The team is growing…

I am happy to announce that we have already expanded the team with old and new faces. This will help us get more content to you on a consistent basis. Here are the new/returning members:

  • Chips (new)
  • Driesty (returning)
  • MegaHampton (returning)
  • wedlock101 (returning)

Please give these guys a warm welcome and stay tuned for their content in the coming weeks!

Weekly articles are back!

We have decided to bring back weekly articles with a new, more flexible schedule. Here’s what we have come up with so far:


Mon: Lists/Community Updates
Tues: Other
Wed: Reviews
Thurs: Other
Fri: Flashback Friday Reviews
Sat: Opinions/Controversial Topics
Sun: Weekly News Update


Here is an explanation of the different types of articles you can expect:

  • List/Community Updates: We will be posting top (insert number here) lists on popular topics in the industry. You’ve seen them before, but we are hoping to cover interesting topics that people probably haven’t seen before. Also, Chips will give a weekly update on the forums and how the community over there is changing. This is where outstanding members of the community will be recognized, so if you want to be heard join our forums now!
  • Flashback Friday Reviews: Where we review old games from any platform from a modern point of view. These can range from our most nostalgic and beloved games of old to the games that frustrated us the most and had us throwing controllers.
  • Opinions/Controversial Topics: Want to know what we think of certain goings-on in the industry? Look no further!
  • Weekly News Update: Rather than posting news as it happens (which can be overwhelming and requires a ton of dedicated time), we will be posting all of the news from throughout the week in one article.
  • Other: For everything else. Some news topics NEED to be discussed as they happen, and so those articles can be found here. We will also be posting experimental articles here which you can then tell us what you think and whether we should keep them or not, so keep coming back because each “other” day will be different!

We hope you guys like the new schedule, and understand that everything above is subject to change based on what YOU want. Let us know!

Reviews are changing… back…

After realizing that my decision to switch to a more restricted scoring scale was a bad idea, we have collectively decided to go back to the old way of scoring games: a 10-point scale. While some may be disappointed and argue that “you can’t put a number value on a video game!” we realized that the new system locked us to a 3-point scale rather than a more expansive 10-point one. We hope you guys like this decision, as it has made reviewing games for the future less stressful.

Don’t forget about the forums!

Linked above, you can visit our forums where we reach out to the community and communicate directly with YOU! This is where your voice can be heard about things that happen with the site, as well as post your own reviews sometime in the future. We have great plans for our forums, so be sure to sign up now to gain all of the benefits that the future holds for you!

Lastly, thank you!

For those of you who visit frequently, thank you for your support. We are proud that our fanbase is growing little-by-little every day. Don’t forget to spread the word, as well as following us on twitter and liking us on facebook!

Thanks again!

– Cooper

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