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Top 5 Weapons In Gaming

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Apr 12

5-Plasma Cutter (Dead Space)

The Plasma Cutter allowed you to slice through enemies like cake.  This gun was vital throughout the entire Dead Space series.  EA made it so that you had to disassemble enemies and this was the perfect tool for the job.  There’s even an achievement for completing the whole game just using this weapon.  What’s even better is that you get to start with it!  So why not use it?!?!





4-Plasma Grenade (Halo)

For those of you who don’t know (but you should), the plasma grenade is a grenade that can stick to people and vehicles.  It is one of the most vital weapons Halo has ever had and rightly so.  If the other team had a tank you could stick it with a couple of these and take it down with ease.  The plasma grenade made for some crazy video clips and montages.  Mastering the art of “Sticking” is a must for any Halo player.




3-Lancer (Gears of War)

Easily one of my favorite weapons of all time.  The lancer is an assault rifle with a chainsaw bayonet.  What’s not to love?!?!?  Though Epic has changed it’s effectiveness throughout the years the chainsaw has never changed and is always a satisfying kill.  There is very little that can compare to running up behind someone and chainsawing them in half.




2-M6D Pistol (Halo Combat Evolved)

For those of us that have played Halo since the beginning, not much can compare to the first pistol, the M6D.  This pistol was spectacular and simple.  All it was was a high powered pistol with a decent scope that made it extremely deadly.  This gun is one of my favorite of all time and I sometimes try to compare other guns to it but there is no other like it.




1-Gravity Gun (Half-Life 2)

Where can I even begin?  For one, it’s a gun that can shoot almost anything that you want it to.  You find an explosive barrel, you shoot an explosive barrel.  You find a blown up car, you can shoot a blown up car.  What more could you want?  It just so happened that this game came in one of my favorite games of all time Half-Life 2.  This gun was one of many signature guns created for the game and it truly stands out to me as the number one gun of all time.



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