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Top 5 Villains in Gaming

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Feb 15

This Friday I decided to take a look at the villains in gaming and give them some valuable recognition.  What would a game be without the villains?


5-Flood/Covenant from the Halo series.

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Fighting the covenant was one of the most memorable things from my gaming career.  Hearing grunts and elites scream and talk smack as you pelted them with fire and grenades was hilarious.  Then the flood added the fear factor with all of their different, gargling forms.  It wasn’t that these villains had a major role in the story that made you hate them, it was just the pure fact that they were hilarious and hilarious to kill.


4-Bowser from the Mario series.


For those of us that have been gaming for a long time now know that Bowser is a must for this list.  Back when games had little voice acting Bowser stood out because of his tough look and his given “persona”.  He’s also extreme popular because he was one of the first villains in gaming and was also the villain in one of the biggest game series of all time.  Though his villain story was the typical “stealing a princess” he is still one of the most recognizable villains of all time.


3-Joker from the Batman series.


The Joker is another villain that is one of the most recognizable of all time.  His insane logic and ways truly make him one of the best villains.  He is a villain full of twists that is entirely unpredictable and I love that!  Though I feel his enrollment in the movie’s is way better, they still did a good job taking that personality and putting it into a game character.  He truly blows the other villains in the game out of the water.


2-Andrew Ryan from the Bioshock series.


Andrew Ryan is a villain that not many people know of when thinking of villains. But, in reality, he is one of my favorite villains from one of my favorite game series.  What really makes Andrew Ryan is the atmosphere of the game and his witty tone that makes you think he’s your friend. Then, before you know it, you have a deep hatred for him and want him dead.  The way Ryan carries himself throughout the game is excellent.  He always keeps you on your toes and trying to guess what will  happen next.  Ryan is like the “mad scientist” villain that tried creating the perfect world and then everything went wrong.  But, everything went right for him to be one of the top villains.


1-Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2.


My top villain has to be Handsome Jack.  Not only is he funny but he’s also cruel and relentless.  I loved him and I hated him which made him perfect.  His humor was one of the funniest things I have ever heard from a video game and his cruelty truly made me want to kill him that much more.  By the end of the game I hated Handsome Jack and I cared about every character that I had played with.  This was one of the first games where I almost teared up from losing characters by the hand of Handsome Jack.  You would think that something good was about to happen or that you accomplished something and then Handsome Jack would slap you in the face with another twist or savagery.  With his unpredictability, humor, and overall bad ass-ness, Handsome Jack is the clear cut number one villain in my list of top 5 villains in gaming.

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