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Top 5 Games That Make You Care About The Characters

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Feb 22

This week we look at the top 5 games that make you care about the characters.  The story modes that go in-depth with other characters and make you care about what happens to them further on.  Maybe they even bring you to tears.

*Warning: May be Spoilers*


5-Gears of War series


The Gears of War series is one of my favorite game series of all time and EPIC always does well with their story.  It sucks you in and allows you to learn about all of the characters.  This series does a great job at letting you play with each character and becoming attached to them and their story.  Once you get deep enough you feel the loss and the anger that the soldiers are feeling and it makes Gears one of the best games to play over and over again.  Though for a casual gamer it’s not too gut-wrenching, I believe Gears of War still belongs in this list.


4-Halo 4


I chose to use Halo 4 because of it’s ending.  The Halo games have always had a solid, in-depth story as well, but I feel that Halo 4 was the best one that made you care more about the outcome than the other ones.  With the constant worry of how Cortana is doing made me care so much about the relationship between her and Master Chief.  One minute she would be hostile and the next she was back to normal.  What made this game for me was the ending.  This was the first game that I can remember that has made me tear up with the ending and I absolutely loved it.  But, since only the ending really hit home, I can’t give it any higher than it’s rightful spot at number 4.


3-The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead has had many controversies as to whether or not it is a “true game” but, with it’s layout there is no way you can’t grow attached to the characters.  Having every decision you make during the game affect the outcome is really nerve wrecking and makes you think twice before you decide.  The best part is that everyone interprets the game differently and likes different characters for different reasons.


2-Borderlands 2


Borderlands 2 was easily one of my favorite games of 2012 and for the fact that I could play it with my friends, has nearly endless play time, and the story was so good!!!  Handsome Jack was easily my favorite villain and part of the story.  He kept you on your toes because you never knew what he was going to do next or who may or may not die next.  He created so much hostility for me towards him that I could not wait to take my Jakobs shotgun and blow him away.


1-Mass Effect series


Where do I even begin with the Mass Effect series.  Great gameplay, great story, and now even great multi-player.  But what makes it the number one game on this list is it’s in-depth, unpredictable story.  Having to lose a teammate in Mass Effect was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in a video game.  The way they incorporate all of the characters into the story is remarkable and allows you to learn about them even more than a regular game.  Mass Effect isn’t a game that focuses on the main character but more so your reaction to everyone else.  The story is manipulated easily to the way you want to play it and you’ll get out of it just as much as you put in.  Mass Effect truly delivers one of the best if not the best storyline of games over the past few years.  But, the reason it hit number one on my list, is because of the role the other characters play in the story and the way they are “woven” into everything you do.

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