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Indie Monday: Castle Miner Z

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Feb 25


I talked about Castle Miner Z a little while back when I did the “Minecraft vs. Minecraft copy” article, and I genuinely enjoyed it for being the only unique experience in the bunch. In Castle Miner Z, you and other players must survive while being attacked by zombies and other monsters. There is even a dragon that flies overhead that constantly impedes your process. You start the game with a pickaxe, a pistol, and some bullets. From that point on you are required to mine for materials to advance in the game. This is what gives the game its unique feel and actually makes it feel like a perfect mixture of Minecraft and the hit Arma II mod, DayZ. The more Iron you mine, the better weapons you can make, the more coal you mine, the more bullets you can make. You can also work together with the other miners in your game to build shelters.

While playing online, if you watch someones back, they will watch yours.

While playing online, if you watch someones back, they will watch yours.

The overall goal of the game is to either survive as long as possible, or to walk as far away from the initial spawn point as possible. Survival mode is nothing new, but it is still fun when you band together with other players and actually make it pretty far. The other mode which requires you to walk as far away as you can from the spawn point can be played with a team, but I can only see it truly being a lone wolf experience. What is so great about this game is it actually has longevity and its own memorable moments. I still remember the first time that me and a lot of players worked together to kill the dragon who had been repeatedly destroying our shelter. I also remember asking how to make new weapons, and then the ironic moment when I was able to pass my knowledge of how to play the game on to others. I’m not saying that this game will necessarily steal players from games like Call of Duty or Halo, but if you have an ich to play DayZ on consoles, this is about as close as you can get. It plays surprisingly well too. At the end of the day, I haven’t played this game with anyone who didn’t like it. Everyone has fun with this game, even if it is just a quick way to waste five or ten minutes, it is definitely worth its $3 price tag.

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