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Forza Horizon DLC: Rally Expansion and 1000 Club

About This Game:

Systems: Xbox 360
Release Date: Rally Expansion: Dec. 18, 2012 1000 Club: April 16, 2013
Developer: Playground Games/Turn 10 Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
ESRB Rating: T (Teen)
Length: 20-30 Hours

Forza Motorsports shifted gears a little bit and brought us Forza Horizon, a free roam racing game without any track racing.  Horizon was a great success and their DLC was as well.  Their first release was the Rally Expansion which was released last December.  This expansion added 5 new rally cars, rally upgrades, 7 rally courses, and 10 new achievements.  I was extremely excited for this DLC at first.  The tracks look incredible like always but the actual racing was frustrating.  I’m pretty good at racing games and I still found it to be difficult and frustrating at times.  The assistant driver can sometimes get behind and be telling you the wrong directions and before you know it you’re doing barrel rolls down a hill.  The environment also isn’t the most functional; you can hit a small bush or rock and you will either come to a complete stop or flip.  If you can get past these few “hiccups” the DLC isn’t too bad but then they slapped a $20 price tag on it.  That’s a little too much for what you’re really getting.

Test your skills in Horizon Rally in beautiful Colorado.

Test your skills in Horizon Rally in beautiful Colorado.

The next DLC that came out was the 1000 Club for the always appreciated price of nothing.  This DLC added 5 challenges to every car in the game along with 10 more achievements and 2 new cars.  In my opinion, this DLC was better than the Rally expansion because it gave more for a cheaper price.  I became so hooked on trying to medal in all the different cars that I spent more time getting medals than doing rally.  The bad thing about this DLC is that there are not enough free cars in the game to get enough medals for the achievements.  Thus, you have to buy a car pack or two unless you have the season pass.  So, if you want to be technical, this DLC isn’t entirely free if you want all the achievements.

Nothing is better than some free DLC!!

Nothing is better than some free DLC!!

Overall I would have to recommend these DLCs for achievement whores unless you truly love racing games.  I don’t feel you get enough for what you paid for in the rally.  Don’t get me wrong, the Rally Expansion driving mechanics and environments were incredible but minor flaws made it difficult even for an experienced gamer.  Everyone should get the 1000 Club DLC because it’s FREE and it definitely will give you some more well deserved quality time with Forza Horizon.

  • New cars
  • Intense rally racing
  • Challenges for every car
  • Easy achievements
  • Glitchy assistant driver
  • Rough rally courses
  • Not enough free cars for 1000 Club
Forza Horizon DLC: Rally Expansion and 1000 Club

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