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GameReviewsUnlimited is done… for now.

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Aug 2

That’s right, Game Reviews Unlimited is taking an indefinite hiatus because of certain circumstances that have inhibited our ability to put out enough content. For the past few months not a single article has been posted. This is due to many reasons: busy schedules, lack of leadership, etc.

The bad news is that no more content will be coming in the form of news or reviews until further notice.

The good news is that our forums will remain up and running and I can only hope that over the next few months it can start to grow as originally intended.

This was a hard decision to make, and it isn’t one that we took likely. I find myself personally responsible for most of the issues, but in the end it was fun while it lasted. Thank you to all of our supporters and I remind you to keep fighting the good fight against biased videogame journalism.

Thank you for your time,


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