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Dying Light Devs Adding “Be the Zombie” mode for Free

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Jan 23


Before today, you had to pre-order Dying Light in order to play its creative “Be the Zombie” mode. This was (in my opinion) a terrible decision that made them seem really shady. Fortunately, in the wake of having to delay the physical release of the game in the Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia markets, Techland has announced that the mode will be added to all versions of the game for no extra cost, whether it was pre-ordered or not. This has restored a lot of gamer’s faith in Techland, myself included, towards the end product. On top of this, the mode looks incredibly fun so it’s great that they are now allowing everyone to play instead of just those who pre-order. Here is the video they released today, I apologize for how “fake-y” it may seem, but hey, it’s gameplay.

The original decision to lock off the mode is still questionable, but I think that Techland is trying to make up for their mistake. The game now officially release in the US on January 27th in both physical and digital markets, but January 28th digital and February 27th physical in the markets listed above. Techland hasn’t officially released why there is such a long delay for just the physical release of the game, only stating “We want to thank you for your patience and support in this matter and can’t wait for you to enjoy playing Dying Light and invading other players’ game in the “Be the Zombie” mode.” If I were to speculate, it would be that some controversial aspect of the game had to be changed last minute in order to be released in these markets, which is why the digital release is much sooner.

Are you guys excited for Dying Light? Does their original decision to not include the mode still rub you the wrong way? Let us know!

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