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CoD 2013 Multiplayer Features!

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Apr 11


Hey guys, Ramon here and I am here to talk about some features that are going into be the multiplayer of CoD 2013! Now since Activision loves to rush these games, CoD 2013 is in the Alpha Build as we speak, and anything I mention is more than likely to be changed and/or edited. Now since it’s Infinity Ward’s turn with CoD, for now we are going to assume that the name is Modern Warfare 4. But enough of that, lets get in to some of the features.

One of these features sounds pretty cool, but to me it’s pretty lame and I’ll explain why. One thing you can do, similar to a Dolphin Dive, is slide on your knees and shoot your gun at the same time. So lets say there is an enemy and you want to get to a piece of cover. You can slide, shoot the enemy, and get to that piece of cover. Now obviously you can’t aim down your sights while doing this, so you will basically be “spraying and praying” while sliding. Now for the reason I think this sounds dumb: lets say you run into a guy performing this technique. You could probably shoot him twice in the chest and get an easy kill. However, its good that they are trying to change things up a bit.

The next feature you can do is roll. Essentially this feature has you are prone on the ground, camping your way to victory, when guy spots you. ┬áIf you see a piece of cover, you can roll while you are prone and get into cover, kill the guy, and continue camping. This feature doesn’t sound all that bad, but it raises the question of if it will work well within multiplayer. Sure it might work for Single Player, but Multiplayer is certainly a different question. Either way, it sounds interesting.

Finally, Activision has revealed its new engine! Yes, we are getting an entirely different engine this year! They showed it off a bit on their YouTube channel, and it looks amazing! It isn’t anywhere close to Frostbite 2.5 (Battlefield 4), but they are enhancing their technology, which is great because Call of Duty has looked the same since Modern Warfare 2.

So these are some of the new features you might see in Call of Duty 2013, whatever it shall be named. As I mentioned before, it is in Alpha Build and could possibly change or be modified in some way, shape, or form. But I’d like to think it’s news that deserves to be shared!

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