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2014 in Review

Posted on January 22nd, 2015| No comments

  A lot of games came out in 2014. Some were good, some were meh, and some were flat out broken, but honestly 2014 was a good year to be a gamer. Sure, there were a lot of duds, but the games that worked shined brighter than a lot of games from the past few years. Here I am going to give a brief review of the biggest games of the year for me. Keep in mind that I only have a gaming PC and an Xbox One,...
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We’re back! Find out what’s new!

Posted on January 20th, 2015| No comments

  Hello all, First off, thanks for somehow knowing about us and finding this page. It has been just over a year since any content has been posted, but ideas have been festering and lingering. With a new year, we are bringing a new approach to how we review games and handle content. Below are all of the changes you can expect from Game Reviews Unlimited this year. Once again, thank you for your...
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GameReviewsUnlimited is done… for now.

Posted on August 2nd, 2013| No comments

That’s right, Game Reviews Unlimited is taking an indefinite hiatus because of certain circumstances that have inhibited our ability to put out enough content. For the past few months not a single article has been posted. This is due to many reasons: busy schedules, lack of leadership, etc. The bad news is that no more content will be coming in the form of news or reviews until further notice. The...
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Call of Duty: Ghosts! (COD 2013 News, Info, Pre-Order, Setting)

Posted on April 29th, 2013| No comments

Hello everyone, it’s Ramon and I’m back to talk to you guys about the new Call of Duty this year! I have a lot of info to dish out, from the awaited Reveal Trailer, to the Pre-Order, and other nice information such as Setting, Cast, Box Art, and more! Without further ado, lets get into it! So the first bit of information is the leak of the game. We got the first bits of information from...
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Top 5 Weapons In Gaming

Posted on April 12th, 2013| No comments

5-Plasma Cutter (Dead Space) The Plasma Cutter allowed you to slice through enemies like cake.  This gun was vital throughout the entire Dead Space series.  EA made it so that you had to disassemble enemies and this was the perfect tool for the job.  There’s even an achievement for completing the whole game just using this weapon.  What’s even better is that you get to start with it! ...
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CoD 2013 Multiplayer Features!

Posted on April 11th, 2013| No comments

Hey guys, Ramon here and I am here to talk about some features that are going into be the multiplayer of CoD 2013! Now since Activision loves to rush these games, CoD 2013 is in the Alpha Build as we speak, and anything I mention is more than likely to be changed and/or edited. Now since it’s Infinity Ward’s turn with CoD, for now we are going to assume that the name is Modern Warfare...
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Indie Monday: Kodu Game Lab

Posted on April 8th, 2013| No comments

This Monday I’m going to talk about something a little different. Kodu Game Lab itself isn’t an indie game, it was backed heavily by Microsoft and pushed to release. What is interesting, though, is the fact that the game gives people who want to create games of their own an outlet and a way to interact with others who feel the same way. Kodu Game Lab simplifies the XNA software that Microsoft...
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Top 5 Reasons Why Call Of Duty Is The Best Game Ever!

Posted on April 5th, 2013| No comments

**This is an April Fools week post. So… April Fools!**     Yo yo yo itz Larry!!! Taking over this week’s Top 5 friday cuz that D4est chump ain’t got no idea what he’s talking about! This week I’m going to do the top 5 reasons why CoD is the best game series ever, period.  Anyone who doesn’t agree with this is just a butt-hurt chump!! CoD has been putting...
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Wednesday Rumor: Only Good Game Rumors!!!

Posted on April 4th, 2013| No comments

**This is an April Fools week post. So… April Fools!**     So id just like to start out by saying who cares what other games are coming out besides these good games?!?!?!? I mean Srsly? If its not somethings good like a new COD of Madden who cares?! Obviously in the new COD games its gonna only get better from here out! Better Graphics! More Guns! And prbly more cool stuff for my new...
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1ndie Mondayz: Call of Duty!!!1!1!!!

Posted on April 1st, 2013| No comments

**This is an April Fools week post. So… April Fools!**   Hai internetz! Cooper couldn’t write the stupid indie Monday stuff today so I’m gonna to take care of it 4 him! LOLZ! So Call of Duty is the best game EVAR!!! Indie gaimz are dumb cause YOU HAVE NO MONIES TO MAKE EXPLOSHUNS!!! Call of Duty is better tan anything out there cuz Activision noes how to MAKE GEWD GAIMZ! Black...
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