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We’re back! Find out what’s new!

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Jan 20


Hello all,

First off, thanks for somehow knowing about us and finding this page. It has been just over a year since any content has been posted, but ideas have been festering and lingering. With a new year, we are bringing a new approach to how we review games and handle content. Below are all of the changes you can expect from Game Reviews Unlimited this year. Once again, thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy what we have in store!

First off…

Saying “we” is sort of misleading. As of writing this article, Cooper (me) is the sole remaining member of the GRU staff. This is not due to some falling out or conflict, but rather due to conflicting schedules and lifestyle changes. The other writers are busy working on either school or sports (or both!) and are building careers and connections for themselves. I couldn’t be happier for them. Thankfully, though, THIS is my focus and will remain so for the foreseeable future. That being said, there is a considerably different amount of manpower going into the site this year, which leads me into my next point…

Weekly articles are going to change significantly

Unfortunately, I also have other responsibilities that require my focus more than GRU. Being a full time student I have a busy schedule. This means that I will not be able to post on topics daily like we used to. What you as a reader could expect as far as changes go is:

  • I will be able to post most content on weekends (Friday – Sunday), so expect some articles, mostly opinion pieces and reviews, to come then.
  • Every Wednesday I will try to post a “news round-up” type article that will talk about everything that happened in the previous week in both video games and entertainment.
  • As stated above, reviews will most likely come on weekends, but could also show up in the middle of the week. I will most likely take a “when it’s done” approach.

Continue reading to see where your input can change what I cover.

“Journalism” is changing in the industry…

A lot happened in 2014 to sour the relationship between video game “journalists” and actual gamers. I hope to come across as transparent and real as possible to connect with my readers. I am willing to change certain formats of the site in order to stay in line with what my audience seems to want. Once again, this means being completely transparent with you and I will stay by that until the end of my days. Because as always, Game Reviews Unlimited has been about more gamers, and less critics.

Reviews will change too

As said above, I am willing to make changes to the format of the site to cater to what the audience wants. Reading over our old reviews, I am proud of the depth that we went into to describe what we liked and didn’t like about each game or DLC. One thing that has rang loud and clear though, due to the recent Joystiq change to remove review scores, is that giving numerical scores to games is a dated and unfair system. There are definitely positives, like being able to scroll to the bottom of a review and see a score without reading anything and knowing whether or not a game is “worth it.” This approach lacks the depth I would like to reach with our reviews, and almost defeats the purpose of the entire review itself. To find a happy medium, all reviews will end with a “recommended”, “achievement whores only”, or “pass” at the end that states whether I think the game is worth your time or not.

recommended whores pass

I will keep the Pros and Cons sections of the reviews, because not everyone has the time to read an entire review. I hope that this is a step in the right direction to finding the best way to recommend games to you, the readers.

YouTube will be on the backburner, for now…

I am currently learning how to edit videos and how to create better content for you guys. That’s why, at least for a while, the YouTube channel will be devoid of any new content until my schedule clears up a little and I have more experience.

On to 2015!

I really want this year to work for GRU and I want to provide you with quality content that is down-to-earth and real. As I said, I am dedicated to changing and shifting according to what my audience wants. As a gamer myself (I know, weird right?), I too often wonder where the best place to find reliable game reviews and impressions is other than Metacritic or YouTube channels like Totalbiscuit. Unfortunately, the video game “journalism” industry is full of holier-than-thou people who are looking for the next thing to point out as the “doom to the industry” or “best indie game since Minecraft”, all inbetween their top ten lists of the best boobs in video games, or whatever. I would rather give you what you want, honest opinions from a gamer. No bullshit, no “end is nigh”-isms, just talking about video games.

I’ve always had games as a fun getaway, and I think it is about time we return to that. Games are meant to be fun, so why the hell are their “journalists” so serious all the time?

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the new Game Reviews Unlimited!

– Cooper

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